Upland School District

School District

What could a city council person do to help Upland Unified School District?

Our fundamental role as a City Council in public education is as keeper of the purse. Each year our Council must approve the city’s budget. Upland City Council also makes important decisions about tax dollars that flow to the schools and whether to give schools additional revenue.

At one of the September council meetings, I addressed the council about Proposition 30 Funds for schools and public safety. After speaking with several people associated with Upland Unified School District (a school board member and the President of the PTA for Pepper Tree Elementary), none has been used for schools. The police were using part of it for the next few years and I suggested that it was important to divide the money between the two. Upland Unified must make the council aware of how they would like to spend the money. Being a 30 year retired teacher, I believe it is vital that the council and school district work together to support each other.

The council can have hearings which are a way for Council to draw attention to important issues in education, bring stakeholders together, gather information, and increase transparency by including the public in policy discussions about our public schools.

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