Upland Police and Fire

Police and Fire

Police and fire: Should we outsource or combine to save money?

I would not want to outsource our police and fire department because we could not get it back easily in the future. However, combining with other fire or police forces could potentially save money. After studying the joining of the Montclair and Upland Fire Department, I was perplexed when I saw administration cost rose from roughly 2 million to 2.5 million. There are less fire chiefs to pay, and therefore we should see a cost savings. Why did the administration cost rise so much in the budget for next year?

A possible better option might be to combine with Rancho Cucamonga Fire District. They are a strong fire district and get Federal funds, which means more money from the federal government and less money that we would potentially have to spend.

For the police department, we need to consider more police officers to be more effective. There are some complaints about our Police effectiveness, which is likely due to not having enough officers.

Another cost-cutting procedure might be giving new hires for Police and Fire 2% at 50 instead of 3% at 55. No pension spiking should be allowed for overtime.

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