Upland City Council issues

City Council Issues

If you get on council what are your main goals?

My goals are to promote fiscal responsibility and increase revenue to the city by promoting jobs and get businesses to come to Upland through an Economic Development Director. I also seek to maintain and improve our public services like improving our infrastructure, roads, sidewalks and trees. We must stay within our budgetary means, promote economic growth and create more local jobs. Examples of proactive business programs we need to implement are Local Hire program, Women’s Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise.

What are the three most important issues that you would like to address as a city councilmember?

  1. Fiscal responsibility with the budget.
  2. Improve public services like infrastructure.
  3. Promote economic growth with more businesses and jobs.

What makes you a better candidate?

Out of all the candidates I am the only one that has volunteered for 31 years in Upland on a consistent basis. I have the knowledge of 16 years of working on Government contracts for the Upland Planning Commission. I have accomplished many goals that helped raise property values by working to improve our neighborhoods. I actively accomplished these goals through zoning changes, historic preservation and tax incentives that have helped our housing stock through the Mill Act and grants. I served as chair of the planning commission and helped to bring popular businesses and attractive homes to The Colonies. I also spent 3 years promoting the implantation of the 9 Historic districts which increased property values in Upland. I improved the aesthetics of the city by helping design architecturally attractive infill buildings in Upland. I love our city and pledge to continue to work to make Upland a better place to live.

What is your idea on pensions?

Pensions are controlled by CALPERS. The state needs to write legislation to control the pensions or all cities may go broke. But, what we can do to reduce the amount of retirement benefits for new hires? We can offer less benefits for medical for the future, reduce percentages for police and fire, not allow pension spiking, etc.

What should the council be doing that they are not?

We need to re-evaluate what our council should be doing. We need to be more pro-active not re-active. Not just kissing babies and going to ribbon cuttings. The City Council needs to create transparency to the citizens of Upland. Bringing back trust means developing relationships with the people. We need to be proactive in our dealings with our budget, city planning and businesses. The city needs to be more transparent by adding to their website a site so that all people can see the funds going in and out of the city. The council needs to show kindness and respect to the audience and staff to re-build the trust they have lost in the city. The City Council needs to discuss in an open manner all the issues as they arise and not just vote on them without discussion. The council needs to act in a timely manner especially when it comes to budget issues. The council could ask questions of staff to clarify issues for the people and explain what they are discussing using layman’s terms instead of acronyms that the average person doesn’t understand. I would also suggest staff send e-mails to anyone on a city mailing list interested in the agenda. The agenda should also be written in layman’s terms so that the people will understand the topics coming before the council.

How can you restore Upland’s reputation?

Each city council person needs to be a true servant to the people of Upland. We need an open government with more town hall meetings. I want to be able to discuss the concerns of the citizens. Restoration of the city’s reputation takes time and careful planning to get back what we had and progress forward. A reputation is earned and will require us to take a closer walk with our citizens and prove to them that we are a proactive council concerned for doing what is right.

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