Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

BIA of Southern California                            Baldy View Chapter

U.S. Congressional Candidate                       Dr. Paul Chabot

Former Upland City Councilman                   Dave Stevens

U.S. Congressional Candidate                        Jack Orswell

Former Planning Commissioner                     George Morris

Upland Planning Commission Chair               Gary Schwary

Planning Commissioner                                    Scot Moga

San Bernardino County Republican Party      Committee

Holliday Rock                                                     John Holliday

Cherokee Wood Products                              Dee Dee Long

General Outdoor Advertising                        Timothy Lynch

Hollywood Screenwriter                                      Paul Castro

Supporter                                                             Jim Richardson

Supporter                                                        Dr. Susan Warren

Supporters                                                       Helen and Ray Stump

Supporters                                           Marlene and Bob Linthicum

Supporters                                              Virginia and Jack Shannon

Supporters                                                 Nancy and Gary Mannon

Supporters                                                             Gina Moga

Supporters                                                  Laura and Joseph Stone

Supporters                                                 Ken and Joan Becker

Supporters                                                           Steve Ipson

Supporters                                                Jill and Jeffrey Shirley

Supporters                                                     Beverly and BM Cave

Supporters                                                        John Atwater

Supporters                                              David and Bonnie Fawcett

Supporters                                                    Robin and Doug Baker

Supporters                                                       Katherine Parker

Supporters                                                         Alexander Velto

Supporters                                          Petrina and Richard Delman

Supporters                                               Katy and Kurt Taylor

Supporters                                                     Alvan Shane

Supporters                                                Keith and Virginia Kline

Supporters                                          Dr. Julian and Betty Fincher

Supporters                                                 M.S. Derickson

Partial Listing

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