Carol’s Birthday Bash Great Success!

On July 27, 2014 Carol’s Campaign Committee and her husband, Larry Timm held a Southern Barbeque to honor Carol for her birthday. Over 80 people were in attendance at the event at their home in Upland.  Donations were given in lieu of gifts for her Campaign for Upland City Council.

Carol with Joan and Joan

Professional musicians Laura Stone and her Trio Three group surprised Carol with a new original song for her campaign entitled, “It’s Time for Timm.”  The musical group also delighted attendees with their nostalgic renditions  and provided the entertainment for the evening.  All of the food was a “Southern Menu” since Carol is originally from South Carolina, but has lived in her historic Victorian House in Upland for 31 years.


Many of her supporters and even people she had met going door to door in the Upland precincts attended. Carol and her supporters have been walking the Upland districts for nearly four months, gathering information about the concerns of the citizens, and telling everyone that it is “Time for Timm.”

friends found walkingthe precients

Some of Carol’s supporters spoke about the stellar job that she has done for the last 31 years to make a difference in Upland. Dave Stevens spoke and told about how he had met Carol when they crusaded to stop crime and save family homes in their area when the city was tearing down residents’ houses to build apartments in the southeast quadrant. He told how she had organized a huge gathering of people to speak at a General Plan Zoning meeting and how her speech changed the ideas of that council and Mayor Nolan along with the zoning.  Steven’s remarked, “Carol is a real go-getter. Someone that does the job when the rest say it’s impossible.”


Jim Richardson spoke and told of Carol’s accomplishments in the city. He spoke of her 16 years spent on the Planning Commission, Historic Commission, the Airport Land Use Committee and President of Upland Heritage. He expressed how “the face of Upland was changed” because of her leadership in forming the nine historic districts and putting them on the register and Euclid Avenue on the National Register along with so many other improvements made to Upland.  He commented how this improved the housing stock and really improved the neighborhoods. He said, “Your contributions to our city will be here generations after we’ve forgotten the names and mistakes this cluster has made. Your contributions will be here generations after we are all gone. Carol Timm has inner strength and integrity. She has nothing but good things in her future…”

Gina, Scot

After mingling with all of her attendees, Carol gave a speech. She graciously thanked her guests and family for their kindness and support and spoke of her record of service andDSC05378 experience. “I have a proven record of experience and action taking efforts. Being retired as a 35 year veteran teacher, I have the time and energy to devote to this task. My initial concern for Upland centered on preservationist issues, but those encounters led to City Hall and a greater awareness of the challenges facing the entire city. My appointment to the Planning Commission by Mayor Nolan has given me 16 years of experience working with our citizens and city staff to solve problems for the good of all Upland.”

“On the Planning Commission I served as Chair during the Colonies and worked to make sure the Specific Plan and the businesses were quality. Without the Colonies businesses, Upland would be bankrupt. I have many projects that have been accomplished in the city while on the Upland Planning Commission.  I have answered many difficult questions and made decisions that benefited the entire community.”

“We need experienced people to serve that are proven to be pro-active. So many people that run for city council do not have a record of accomplishments in their own city short of their own professions.  From my experiences I have garnered a lot of ‘knowhow’ that can make me a valuable, ‘ready-to-get-down-to-work’ city council member. I am a person of action.”

Lastly, she stated, “I will not be the typical politician. I believe it is time for a positive change…More than ever, it is time for Timm…”

Larry, Monique and me special friends- teri and Cheryl, petrina, and me Carol with Kurt and Teri DiMarco and Katy Randy Cheryl and me party scene DSC05313 DSC05307

carol w friends
Joe and Carol
Carol with the Corbetts


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