Carol Timm files to run for Upland City Council – 2014

Carol Timm and a group of supporters entered Upland City Hall the morning of July 14, 2014 as she pulled the proper paperwork to become an official candidate for Upland City Council in November 2014. There are three openings on the council.

Carol Timm talks with supporters 6 14 2014

As a Planning Commissioner for 16 years, 30-year local teacher and longtime President of Upland Heritage, she has dedicated her life to making Upland a better community.  As a Planning Commissioner, she fought to improve city standards, attract good development and rid Upland of illegal businesses. Through Upland Heritage, she helped create nine historic districts and co-wrote an educational book on historic preservation to protect the historic downtown and beautiful neighborhoods.

Her main goal is to protect Upland from bankruptcy and increase revenue to the city to maintain public services. Carol states, “We must stay within our budgetary means, promote economic growth and create more local jobs.”

Upland residents need a City Council that can provide positive, pro-active leadership and is not afraid to act in difficult situations to protect residents and taxpayer dollars. It is her pledge to Upland residents that she will be the strong, decisive leader our city needs to get back on track.

Carol Timm files candidacy July 14,2014 8 am

√ Vote for Carol Timm as your City Councilwoman on November 4, 2014!

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