2014 – More than ever, it’s Time for Timm!

I have a dedicated passion for the City of Upland. Carol Timm for Upland City CouncilIn 2012 I ran for Upland City Council against five opponents. There was only one seat open. Missing the mark by only 355 votes out of 29,000 on my first run was a great start. But, I am convinced everything happens for a reason! Shortly after the election was over, my dear husband ended up deathly ill in the hospital and I was blessed to have the time to be with him and see him through his recovery. A year later, my husband, who is my miracle, and many others are encouraging me to run again for this sacred office of Upland City Council. There will be three openings this November 2014.

Many have asked, “In such a troubled environment, why do you want to serve on the Upland City Council?” Because, more than ever, this is the time when Upland needs people dedicated to facing the problems, considering the alternatives and making decisions. I have the time, experience and passion to dedicate myself to the task.

As many of you know, the city manager has made it clear over the past years that Upland is on the verge of bankruptcy if we continue on our same path. The city council has known this since 2012. When the city manager asked for them to vote on what they felt was important in late 2013, one council member and the mayor were the only that were willing to vote, the others refused to commit and they asked to have a special committee investigate the problems. Considering the long awareness and urgency of the problems before them, shouldn’t the council have already studied the issues? We need pro-active thinking on our City Council ready to make decisions based on their studying in detail the problems facing our city and doing it in a timely manner. It is vital we not just put everything on the “chopping block,” but look to pro-active development for all of our Upland businesses and our historic town center.

For sixteen years I have served on the Planning Commission and as Chair and Vice-Chair, Historic Commission, Airport Land Use Committee and President of Upland Heritage for twenty-five years. During my tenure, many tasks have been accomplished. I learned to investigate the projects, ask the difficult questions and make the necessary decisions for the good of the community and its citizens. I want to apply these same skills on the Council. The Council should work together to take a stand to improve our services in Upland, craft our city to be what it should be: a productive, thriving place for gracious living for our families and children.

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