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KPCC Voter Guide

Now you can go to and view Carol Timm’s details on the KPCC voter guide’s website. Enter your city of Upland and go to page 21 to see and review the local candidates, read about the ballot measures and compare the state and national candidates. Be prepared to vote on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012!

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Contact Details
Contact’s Email:
Contact’s Name: Carol Timm
Biographical Info
Occupation: retired teacher
Age: 57

Twitter Page:
Facebook Page:

YouTube Channel:


Campaign Questions
Q: What do you perceive to be the biggest problem facing the city? How do you plan to address it?
A: My first priority is addressing the city budget due to the extreme crisis in Upland. In a financial crisis every effort should be made to keep crucial services to our citizens. Ideas would be a hiring freeze, form a cost-saving union –management committee involving one person from each union and jointly recommend ways to save money to avoid layoffs. Update user fees and charges to reflect the actual cost of the service. Consider employee work furloughs, early retirement programs, and joining with other services in other cities that are comparable to ours for savings costs. We must implement fiscally responsible bonding practices for all bond-funded public projects. Revenue bonds can be used to finance those projects with a solid revenue stream. Try to avoid employee layoffs. Management and union representatives can agree to open labor negotiations to discuss various cost reduction and expense deferral options. All city employees should pay their cost of their pensions.

Q: What experiences qualify you for this position?
A: I have strong leadership skills that are proven in the community. I have served on the Upland Planning Commission for over 14 years. During the last 14 years, I served a term as chair of the commission and been on city committees like the Upland Airport Land Use Committee, Upland Community Block Grant Funds and Upland Historic Commission. I have co-written historic ordinances in Upland and have co-authored an educational book called Historic Preservation in Upland. Having been president of Upland Heritage for 20 years, and guiding the non-profit to award matching grants to homeowners of over $100,000 generated a quarter of a million dollars in improvements to our neighborhoods. We have seen major changes in the neighborhoods because of my leadership in historic preservation and bringing in monies to historic areas, by re-zoning the area, funding of historic grants, and establishing nine historic districts that are protecting our vintage neighborhoods.

Q: What prompted you to run for political office?
A: At this time Upland especially needs strong, reliable, honest leadership. I believe my 20 years in community and civic leadership roles have prepared me well to confront the problems that must be addressed. I expect it to be tough at times, but I am ready and willing to make the sacrifice of putting in extra time to clean up the city and move forward in a positive way. There are problems in Upland that need fixing. Using the talents and strengths that my experiences have developed, I am willing to commit the time and energy necessary to lead Upland away from the troubles that have plagued our city politics and move toward solutions that can restore our city’s pride. As one councilwoman, I cannot do it alone; but I am ready to pull people together to find the answers as a group. I want to lead in the City of Upland and am ready and willing to challenge the others and hold everyone accountable to higher standards.

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