Time for Timm song

Introducing the “Time for Timm” jingle! This is a song in promotion of Carol Timm who is a candidate running for Upland City Council in the 2012 election. The lyrics and vocals were created and performed by Laura Stone, a Timm supporter and professional musician.

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8 Responses to Time for Timm song

  1. Virginia Shannon says:

    How nice, Carol! Laura created a truly meaningful song, not just a liittle ditty to rhyme words. And performed it with great class as well.
    Virginia Shannon

  2. Peggy Petta says:

    Great song Carol!
    You really are amazing….probably the first candidate in Upland to have your own song! 🙂

  3. Jill kendrick says:

    It truly expresses what you are all about. Great!

  4. Marlene K. Linthicum says:

    Carol, I’ve known you and worked with you for nearly twenty years! I admire your creativity, hard work, and integrity. Given your fourteen years of experience on the Upland Planning Commission and your leadership of the Upland Heritage Association, I cannot imagine a more qualified candidate than you for the Upland City Council. — Marlene Linthicum

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