National Night Out with Time for Timm in Upland

National Night Out was a great experience. There were 16 neighborhoods in Upland that participated. Time for Timm supporters wore their t-shirts and there were two motorcades that went to the sites. Since I personally couldn’t make all 16 sites, a bevy of supporters lead by an antique car with Time for Timm banners drove throughout Upland to these sites. Some areas had great lemonade and cookies; others offered full barbeques, pizza, and wonderful ethnic food. Whatever they offered, it was done with a sense of kindness and community. It was a joy meeting the people and sharing what was important to them in Upland. The police and fire were there to the delight of the children who enjoyed seeing the big fire trucks up close and taking a look at a real police motorcycle. National Night Out emphasized how important Neighborhood Watch is to our communities. Several people discussed how Neighborhood Watch had helped stop crime from happening in their neighborhood. That is so vital that we all watch our neighborhoods and call when there is anything that seems to be “not quite right.” People said when they called the police they were glad to check it out! You must be an advocate for your neighborhood. Participate in Neighborhood Watch!

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