Carol Timm’s Campaign Party and Birthday Bash

Carol’s Birthday Bash was her kick-off to her campaign on July 29, 2012. With over 75 people in attendance,  it featured a home tour of the Timm’s 110 year old Victorian house, musical entertainment by the Laura Stone trio, and featured salsa dancers Laura Micklich and David Nutting. Laura Stone composed a campaign song for Carol called, “Time for Timm,” which was a hit with the attendees.

Carol speaks about her passion for Upland’s future and why she is running for Upland City Council.

Carol tells about her vision for the future of Upland and thanks her great campaign committee and guests.

Carol encourages everyone to be involved in restoring Upland to the City of Gracious living.

Campaign Manager Dave Stevens, former Upland City Councilman, gives a strong endorsement to his long time friend and colleague, Carol Timm.

The Trio sings Carol’s Campaign theme song, “Time for Timm.”

Fans of Carol Timm received “Time for Timm” fans.

Carol Timm reveals her banner, “Time for Timm,” featuring the clock donated by her group, Upland Heritage.

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