Carol Timm is running for Upland City Council and has been walking the districts for the last six months. Many have asked Timm why, in such a troubled environment, does she want to serve on the Upland City Council? Timm stated, “Because, more than ever, this is the time when Upland needs people dedicated to facing the problems, considering the alternatives and taking action, not giving it to another committee to ponder. Upland citizens deserve elected officials that don’t wait two years to stand up to the plate and make decisions about our finances and our quality of life issues. There is a time to gather information and there is a time to gather courage and take action. In studying bankrupt cities, I have learned they failed to act. Just as Upland has failed to act in a timely manner. Effective leadership leads to action. I have the time, experience and passionto dedicate myself to the challenge.”

Carol Timm’s supporters believe that she has a proven record of accomplishing positive goals for the city. Her tenure of sixteen years on the Planning Commission, Historic Commission and Airport Land Use Committee have given her invaluable experience in investigating projects, asking the difficult questions and making the necessary decisions for the good of the entire community and its citizens. She is equipped to bring the same skills to the City Council, as well as an innate passion and conviction to accomplish difficult tasks.

As the spirited President of Upland Heritage, her leadership has guided the formation of nine historic districts, the Mills Act Contracts for historic homes, the National Register status for Euclid Avenue, the recent Saving of the Sunkist Sign, and many other accomplishments for historical preservation over the last 25 years. “She exerts a “can-do” spirit that would benefit the Council,” notes her campaign committee. Having retired from full-time teaching, where she garnered numerous professional awards, Carol now has more time to devote to the city.

It is Carol Timm’s hope that she can be a part of a Council of pro-active thinkers who make decisions in a timely manner. “In facing our economic crisis, it is vital we not just put everything on the “chopping block,” but look to pro-active development for all of our Upland businesses and our historic town center. The Council should work together to take a stand to not only survive, but improve our services in Upland, craft our city to be what it should be: a productive, thriving place for gracious living for our families and children.We need strong positive leadership that is not afraid to act! I am a person of action that truly cares about what happens to our beloved city.”

Carol Timm for City Council 2014 Political # 1363746

23 Responses to 2014 – MORE THAN EVER, IT’S TIME FOR TIMM!

  1. Susan R. Warren, Ph.D. says:

    It is such wonderful news to hear that you are running again for city council. Upland needs the strong, positive, and ethical leadership you will provide. Our family is committed to support you 100%. Susan R. Warren, Ph.D.

    • timefortimm says:

      Thanks Susan for your support! I am looking forward to the challenge! Upland really needs strong leadership that will make a positive difference in our community on the city council.

  2. Ken Becker says:

    Your website looks great Carol, very professional! We are looking forward to working on your campaign committee again. It was so close but a lot of fun in 2012. Hope you have a good, refreshing, relaxing trip back east and come back ready to “run.”

  3. David W. Stevens says:

    Carol, you are more qualified than anyone I know to lead the city of Upland. With all your background in leadership I am sure you will be a very popular candidate for a city council seat.I will do everything I can to help you with the election and be an adviser to you when you are elected to the city council of Upland. Your experience on the Planning Commission gives you a leg up on all other candidates that decide to run. No one can match your leadership as far as I am concerned. Former Councilman, Dave Stevens

    • timefortimm says:

      Thank you for your great support for the 2014 election! I appreciate your confidence in my qualifications. It is my sole desire to serve the citizens of Upland and take action before it is too late!!!

  4. Dave Stevens says:

    Carol Timm believes Solutions before Politics. So, Lets get to work. Dave Stevens

    • timefortimm says:

      There is a lot of work to do in our city, Dave. Today I am working on the Sunkist sign trying to get a crane to move this historic artifact. We are meeting with our downtown group this afternoon to see seek solutions to improving our downtown, not just talking, but doing what needs to be done to make a positive change. I met with the homeless stakeholders group last week. There are some positive solutions that I believe will help the situation here in Upland. Homelessness will never go away, but there are many things we can do to improve the situations here in Upland for the residents and the homeless people.

  5. Paul Chabot says:

    Dear Carol – You will make an outstanding Member of the Upland City Council! You have my 100 percent support! Thanks for all you do for the Inland Empire..

    • timefortimm says:

      Thank you US Congressional Candidate Paul Chabot! I appreciate support from such a person of integrity and outstanding abilities! Your support means a lot!

    • timefortimm says:

      Thanks US Congressional Candidate Paul Chabot! I also appreciate you coming to my Premier Campaign Party on April 17, 2014 and giving me your wonderful endorsement of Upland City Council!!

  6. Jill Kendrick says:

    We are behind you 100%. We need a person of integrity and honesty in our city government. Looking forward to the experience you will bring to the City of Upland.

  7. Steven Ipson says:

    We need leaders on the city council. You are a leader as your record shows. Keep it up.
    Steven Ipson

    • timefortimm says:

      Thanks Steve, Upland really needs leaders that will make decisions for our city! I appreciate you pointing to my record of action in the last 25 years in the City of Upland.

  8. Keith W. Kleier says:

    From being around Carol it is evident that she loves Upland. And she will take action, when necessary, to help Upland remain a quality place to live.

    Keith Kleier

  9. Jim Richardson says:

    Carol has the ‘can do’ spirit we respect so much, and look for in a leader. We are not all cut out to be leaders of civic involvement, Carol is. She has a tremendous ability to get things done, with or without administrators helping her. She is a true leader and not just a manger or a boss. She wants the very best for us, and will do everything possible to get the best results for us. She leaves no stone unturned. When somebody tells her that a solution is impossible, she just goes and finds a way to do it that had not been considered before. She is not interested in being famous in the city, she is interested in the city itself. She loves her city, like most of us, and she has the experience and knowledge to find the best path for us all. If she had only run ten years ago.. or fifteen… but now is the time! We need Carol and people with her level of commitment to help us navigate our current state of affairs. It is time to reflect on what is important to us as a city going in to the new century while caring for the people and places that have been here for us all along. I support Carol because she has a vision of a prosperous, healthy community and she is able to go head-on with the ‘business as usual’ that is crippling us. She is truly a winner, and exactly a person I am proud to claim association with!

  10. timefortimm says:

    Thanks Jim! I agree with your comments and thank you for your support!

  11. Jan Gurley says:

    I’ve known Carol for many years and she “LOVES” the City of Upland! She has been involved in our city on many different committees and has already made a significant difference! We need Carol on the City Council to insure that improvements are made throughout the city. I know with Carol’s help, Upland can be the City of Gracious Living once again!

  12. Carol we would like you to come to our next meeting on Oct. 2. We are featuring all city council candidates who are running. Neil Derry is running in Redlands, Teresa Capps in Fontana. Hope you are available. Let me know? Enjoyed being next to you last Sunday!
    And meeting you and your husband!

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